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Working with Jill is a rewarding experience.
She has a remarkable
set of skills that allow
her to keep the relationship honest and caring at the same time. Jill is one of the trusted advisors I turn to.

-Brad Benner, Principal
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Testimonials from Jill's Coaching Clients

I thought what I needed was some basic career counseling to help me develop a plan for getting a new job. What I got from my work with Jill was so much more and it exceeded all my expectations. Together we traveled down many paths — some direct and short, some steep and winding. Each of them felt like passageways to greater awareness and understanding for me. All of the trails Jill helped me navigate helped me discover a renewed sense of purpose for my life and strategies for accomplishing all sorts of goals.

I highly recommend Jill Sheldon to anyone who is looking for a "Sherpa" to guide them through a transition or a new beginning in their life. It will be some of the most challenging AND meaningful work you will ever do.
Tara Johnson
County Board Chairwoman
Former Executive Director, LaCrosse United Way
LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Sometimes it is really worth it to take a bold step towards creating change in your life. Jill is a naturally compassionate person with a great sense of humor, and makes all this work feel like an exciting journey.

-Tylan Greenstein

I reached a point in my career where I realized that I needed to get more focused and sharp about what I wanted to do, what impact I wanted to make, and how I wanted to be as a professional. I felt like I kept hitting walls wherever I was and feeling stuck. I knew it was time to seek help from a coach because on my own I was worried that I would leap into another wall.

A trusted colleague recommended Jill, and from our first conversation, I felt validated and that we were both asking a lot of good questions of each other. Through our work together, I've learned to change my negative stories about myself. As a professional woman of color, self doubt sometimes feels like a constant: Did I do something wrong? What happens to me must be my fault. Often, it's not, and most often it is a combination of something I could have done differently and something in my environment that I need to avoid next time around. Jill helped me get a more clear and accurate picture of myself and the situation I was in by listening and using visual metaphors that really worked for me. I stopped running into the same walls and got clearer about where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be.
-Uma Rao

Jill helped me stop worrying that everything was going to fall apart and that I would end up in financial ruin. This was my biggest fear: that I would f*** everything up to such an extreme that it would all come crumbling down. Jill showed me that I'm way too on top of things to ever let this happen, and that the worst that could happen was a momentary setback. Letting go of this worry and having confidence to know that financial ruin would never visit me was extremely liberating.

Something else Jill helped me with is filtering out the noise I create in my own head. My tendency is to worry and my mind is super-effective at creating noise that distracts and worries me. Being able to create some distance and perspective on this noise has allowed me to move through tough situations more calmly and with less stress.

Thanks to my work with Jill, I was able to invest myself more confidently and successfully in my business, sell my business, and travel the world exploring and learning.
-Brad Benner
Owner, NexNow Consulting, Berlin, Germany
Founder of X-Bar IT, Now

Working with Jill Sheldon was wonderful. I hired Jill to help me launch two new coaching and consulting projects. Our calls were personal and practical. With Jill's help, I became clear about what I needed, to create a plan for moving my work forward, and had the success I wasn't able to make happen on my own. She has great ideas and is very knowledgeable about organizations and process.

Jill gives just the right combination of active listening, powerful questions, problem solving, humor, practical feedback, encouragement, and accountability. I am glad and honored to recommend her!
-Debbie Okerlund, Executive Coach and Trainer

I hired you because I was struggling with the cycle of nonprofit deprivation and the pressure to sacrifice my own health and wellbeing for the sake of a mission that I cared deeply about.

With your help, I came to see that I always have a choice. For many years, I felt like I had no choice; my deepest commitment to social justice required a very high level of personal sacrifice.

Your compassion and persistent inquiry helped me see that it's possible — in fact, necessary — to take care of myself and my family even as I take care of the world. With your help, I indentified how important sane and effective leadership is to me. You gave me hope that I can find/build a community of powerful, like-minded leaders who are doing good work.

I am deeply grateful for your coaching! You helped me to clarify and establish not just a new direction for myself, but a leadership philosophy that makes it possible for me to continue to work for social justice.
-Maureen Emerson Feit
Acting Director, Nonprofit Leadership Program
Institute of Public Service
Seattle University

I hired you so I could get a better grasp on why I hold myself back at work. How do I move forward? What does that mean to me, and what would it look like?

Your coaching rocked! You were incredibly supportive, smart, intuitive, and focused. It was especially helpful to get your input on what I have to offer an organization, to better understand the value of the skills I have. As a result of our work, I have greater professional self-esteem, and I asked for — and got — a raise!
-Director-level staff at an environmental foundation